The Efficiency Mindset


Efficiency is a concept that gets things done. Those people who chase many ideas all at once may find that they succeed or complete very rarely. Yet efficient people get dozens of ideas and plans underway and completed in the shortest time and with the smallest expenditure of energy and money necessary. So how does …

Search Engine Optimization: SEO for everyone

top tips for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly a science, and it’s made complicated by daily updates and changes within the search engines. Google wants the world to use the ‘honesty is best’ policy, so it hit the Internet with its Hummingbird algorithm last year. With its crew of spider-bots – little programs that check and index …

Taglines rule OK! 5 rules to follow when creating your company slogan

Tagline Rules - Image 3

Taglines aren’t just clever marketing lines created by writers; they fulfil certain functions that enable your business to be more easily remembered, sells it without selling, and connects people emotionally with your product. EnCoCreative has pulled together some easy-to-remember rules to help small business owners create their own.