Taglines rule OK! 5 rules to follow when creating your company slogan

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Taglines aren’t just clever marketing lines created by writers; they fulfil certain functions that enable your business to be more easily remembered, sells it without selling, and connects people emotionally with your product. EnCoCreative has pulled together some easy-to-remember rules to help small business owners create their own.

Brand Your Business for Success

Branding - Article

Branding is the fizz in your SodaStream. It’s the Diet Coke Man. It’s the trust you have in your vacuum cleaner, and the fact that if you’re British, you’ll call that a Hoover (unless it’s a Dyson, in which case you’ll call it a Dyson (never a vacuum).

Branding is the consistent representation of your company’s values contained in every sheet of paper, every product and service, and even the way in which your customer service team operates.
Especially that.

Branding affects what matters most: your business’ bottom line.