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Search engine optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly a science, and it’s made complicated by daily updates and changes within the search engines. Google wants the world to use the ‘honesty is best’ policy, so it hit the Internet with its Hummingbird algorithm last year. With its crew of spider-bots – little programs that check and index …

Social signals for SEO: are you getting them right?

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If you can’t see social signals on your stats, do they really exist? If a “like” happens on a page, but search engines don’t factor it into the rankings, does this impact your SEO? It’s part of an on-going debate that has been baffling commentators and experts alike for around four years.

The tale of social signals as a site ranking factor began around 2010 when Google started hinting that soon the most important thing to search engine rankings would be social media sharing.

Turn social media chitchat into sales: the EnCoCreative blueprint


Social media is loads of fun, isn’t it? Talking to folks who are sometimes thousands of miles away, little comments, fun stuff, everything. But how does that convert into sales? Is it some kind of magic trick? How do you know that the people you’re chatting to are buying into your ideas and your ethos and most importantly, your products and services? How do you switch them on to what you’re really trying to achieve?

Content marketing: why it works

Content Marketing

“If you build it, he will come.” Sure, it’s a silly, if famous, quote from the movie Field of Dreams, but when it comes to content marketing, it really works.

Build trust. Build a relationship. Build up large quantities of information that solves problems for people, and target it so that they can easily find it.

Establish a powerful structure of needs-fulfilment, genuine interest, and focused energy to create a long-term understanding that the future holds a very real abundance and prosperity that you and your customers can tap into.

Build all of that, and they will come. Or they will if you target it where they can find you.