The importance of the written word in business

The importance of the written word in business - Image 1

Writing isn’t the easiest business to grasp, but if you do it well, can be one of the most useful skills to have.

Think back over your day. Did you write any emails? Pull together a report? Summarise the action points from a management meeting?

Writing permeates every part of the working day, whether your company manufactures bespoke rag dolls or is a multi-conglomerate purveyor of chocolate.

Hiring an Ensemble or a One-Man Band: Companies vs. Freelancers

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So, you have decided to outsource part of your business. Next, you have to find someone to do that work. A question arises: should you hire a company or a freelancer?

You might think the answer is obvious and heavily connected to your budget, but it’s not as simple as that. The answer actually depends on a few variables.

Let’s dig deeper and see which one is better suited for your needs.