Social signals for SEO: are you getting them right?

Social Signals - Image 1

If you can’t see social signals on your stats, do they really exist? If a “like” happens on a page, but search engines don’t factor it into the rankings, does this impact your SEO? It’s part of an on-going debate that has been baffling commentators and experts alike for around four years.

The tale of social signals as a site ranking factor began around 2010 when Google started hinting that soon the most important thing to search engine rankings would be social media sharing.

The importance of the written word in business

The importance of the written word in business - Image 1

Writing isn’t the easiest business to grasp, but if you do it well, can be one of the most useful skills to have.

Think back over your day. Did you write any emails? Pull together a report? Summarise the action points from a management meeting?

Writing permeates every part of the working day, whether your company manufactures bespoke rag dolls or is a multi-conglomerate purveyor of chocolate.