EnCoCreative Business Care Hub is a dedicated creative consultancy providing comprehensive growth solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses and start-ups worldwide.

Agile, mobile, alert to the currents of the digital marketplace, EnCoCreative combines the best of both worlds: outside talent to help run your brand and coordinated communication that ties all our projects together to better match your vision. We connect energetic, creative people from all over the world to take your business to the next level. Whether it's branding, marketing, or systems integration, EnCoCreative has what it takes to get the job done.


EnCoCreative was founded with the idea that no entrepreneur should have to shoulder the entire burden of growing a business.

You deserve the freedom to focus on keeping your company moving forward. That's a full-time job without having to worry about the difficult, specialized tasks of growing your brand image, maintaining its social media profile, and claiming your place in the rough-and-tumble world of internet commerce. We take care of these jobs so you don't have to, bringing the experience and the talent to enhance your brand – and the respect and integrity to keep it true to your dream.


In the vast, interconnected 21st-century business world, it's easy to get lost in a sea of global competition.

At EnCoCreative, we want you to sail to success. We'll help you avoid the rocky shoals, sudden squalls, and whirlpools of the seas of commerce. We'll give you a strong headwind, a fine figurehead, and a firm compass to guide you to new horizons. Your business is already great. Our business is to make sure everyone knows it. Contact us today to learn how we can help you discover new worlds of opportunity.


Team - Maria

Maria Volovik

Marketing Coordinator

Ex-professional dancer, visionary, an entrepreneur and a student of life by passion and choice.


Ratko Ivanović


Cat lover, efficiency king, and zealous manager.

Sakina - Copywriter

Sakina Murdock


Irrepressible, passionate wordsmith, not without opinion.

Team - Francesca

Francesca Bautista


Graphic artist/illustrator, gypsy water baby


The 21st-century business landscape is an open horizon of global opportunities and infinite possibilities.

With a well-constructed brand image and smart consumer targeting, even small start-ups can tap into international markets with little more than a good website and a clever marketing campaign.

That sounds easy. But in reality, branding, marketing, and savvy systems integration are all specialized disciplines.

Most entrepreneurs lack the experience, the training, and the time to perform the intense, full-time job of growing their business's public profile and online presence. Those bold few who try inevitably wind up neglecting the core of their business: namely, their customers and their employees. By the time they realize their mistake, it's already too late.

Smart entrepreneurs turn to third-party agencies.

But that approach has its own problems. Many business owners make the mistake of hiring narrowly focused freelancers to handle each task. Such professionals are skilled in their own disciplines, but because they aren't working together, the end product is always less than the sum of its ill-fitting parts. Worse, if one freelancer proves unreliable, the entire project can be an expensive failure.

Better than boldness or intelligence, the wise choice is to find an agency that brings everything needed to fully create, expand, and integrate your brand under one roof.

That's what EnCoCreative Business Care Hub is: a centralized, agile agency that is designed to tackle all the disparate tasks that make up your company's brand, while coordinating them together to make something cohesive and complete. Now your stationary can match your website, and your Facebook posts can coordinate with your ad copy. EnCoCreative gives your company a face it can present to the outside world in every medium, which gives you an advantage over your less organized competitors.

Stop trying to juggle your entire business, and put an end to the frustration of complicated half measures.

Choose EnCoCreative today and choose success, simplified.

Our Core Values



We’re open to bright ideas, feedback and opportunities. We accept possibilities and unconventional views. We’re inquiring and open in our communication.



We believe in diversity and innovation. We support big visions. We’re pragmatic. We live to grow and every challenge further shapes our entrepreneurial spirit to take our creativity to the next level.



Time is money, and we prefer to work smart (as well as hard). We do our due diligence, invest in the ideas that work and eliminate the rest. To us, it’s all about momentum, customer satisfaction, ROI and fun.



We keep it real with honesty and transparency. We appreciate holistic business connections and find humbleness attractive. We despair over the “fake it till you make it” trend and we only work with people who are ready to cut the BS.



We believe in purposeful business. We approach work with enthusiasm and dedication. It is our purpose to be of service to our customers and their success.